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About Dr. Yoko


Yoko Fujimaki in a white lab coat in front of a blue background

Yoko Fujimaki was born and raised in Japan, but has called the US home for 30 years. Her enthusiasm for healing began with reiki and chakra manipulation, evolving into an interest in a more complete alternative health system. Traditional Oriental medicine fit her interests best, leading her to earn an MS in Oriental Medicine at Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, CA.


While transitioning her practice to an acupuncture clinic, Yoko found she still had unanswered questions and returned to school. She earned her PhD in Oriental Medicine from American Liberty University in Orange, CA, with an emphasis on menopause. She stays up-to-date on the most recent developments and research by regularly attending workshops and lectures.


Although she specializes in difficult cases, many patients see Yoko for her willingness to communicate with and include their family physicians and health specialists. Others appreciate the handmade custom herbal formulas, which are specifically unique to each patient’s health profile and screened for potential interactions with any other current medication, vitamins, or supplements.

Yoko currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and sees patients in her offices in West Hollywood and Studio City. The Yoko Fujimaki Clinic uses a comprehensive health diagnosis to treat the symptoms and cause of a disease or dysfunction simultaneously. With a coordinated acupuncture and herbal plan, patients not only feel better, but find long-lasting relief.


The Yoko Fujimaki Clinic is honored to have been selected for the Los Angeles Awards for Acupuncture Clinics in 2019, 2020, and 2021 and is pleased to join the 2021 Los Angeles Business Hall of Fame.

patient relaxing with three acupuncture needles in her back


Acupuncture helps direct blood and qi to specific areas of the body by stimulating the nervous system and its regulatory systems. Thoughtful combinations of acupuncture points and practiced application can bring almost any body to a state of equilibrium, from infant to geriatric.


This exciting new treatment combines micro-current (needleless) acupuncture with therapeutic laser light and color to provide a one-of-a-kind rejuvenating experience.


Just as every color has its own frequency and vibration, so does every organ and even dysfunction. Identifying and correcting errant frequencies in our bodies through targeted resonant color frequencies is a natural complement to Japanese Acupuncture.


We only use the very best herbs and formulations, no matter the cost, carefully sourced from around the world. Years of custom herbal development allow us to create medicine that is completely personalized to the patient, instead of a generic customer. 



Main Office:

1509 N. Crescent Heights       Blvd., Suite 1

West Hollywood, CA 90046

Wednesday Office:

Hama's Dance Center
12117 Moorpark St.
Studio City, CA 91604


Tel: 323 - 656 - 9944


“My back was in pain so I went to get a treatment. It was great! I had never had acupuncture before and thought it would be painful. Nope! No pain and today when I woke up, my back pain was gone.” 

—  John